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Effective supervision is the key to productivity, quality and growth. But supervisors are often promoted to their positions because they are skilled in their work — they are not necessarily experienced in managing people.

The GTI Supervisor Certificate program will help you improve your supervisory skills and increase your managerial effectiveness through state-of-the-art training and individual development planning. The program is designed to help both new and experienced supervisors obtain results. Download the pdf brochure or fill out an online nomination form.

You'll learn more about your personal strengths and leadership style, and improve your abilities to motivate people, solve problems, and keep worker performance and work quality at high levels. This certificate program will provide practical instruction built on five guiding principles of leadership:

  • Being a good steward
  • Taking responsibility to act
  • Building bridges through collaboration
  • Being a positive role model
  • Respecting and valuing others

Program Structure

Local government managers nominate supervisors to participate in the certificate program. An assessment, completed prior to entering the program, will help program participants understand their abilities and identify areas needing improvement. The option of an online assessment is now available to an experienced supervisor — those with more than one year of supervisory experience. For newly appointed supervisors and experienced supervisors that so choose, a paper assessment will be used.

An Individual Development Plan is designed for each participant, with specific, measurable and attainable objectives. A customized curriculum plan is designed to meet those objectives, with the opportunity to add electives for personal growth.

Each participant enrolls in courses according to his or her curriculum plan — an average of seven courses over a two-year period. A final assessment is conducted at the end of coursework.

Who Should Participate?

The program is designed for any supervisors who can better serve their organizations by improving their professional supervisory skills. Participants come from a wide variety of local government departments. Many area cities and counties have been involved in developing the certificate program and make it an integral part of their management development efforts.


As a result of this training, a supervisor will be better able to make decisions, resolve conflicts, convey ideas, understand and motivate others, avoid pitfalls, gain cooperation, improve staff performance and earn trust and respect. This will result in a more committed and productive workforce.


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For more information email Beverly Wilson or call 816-701-8234.