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Implementation Guidebook

One of the primary goals of Creating Sustainable Places is to move beyond planning to implementation — spurring decisions that create real change in real places.

The Implementation Guidebook is intended to serve as a resource for local governments and community partners who are ready to take the next step toward sustainability. It will also be used to:

  • Guide sustainable projects toward implementation in each of six designated corridors. These projects will demonstrate the benefits and feasibility of sustainable development and illustrate the processes, approaches and tools needed to make it work.
  • Establish a framework for replicable, multi-jurisdictional planning and implementation processes based on the “triple bottom line” of social, economic and environmental interests. This requires new approaches to planning and implementation that recognize the interdependence of communities in our region, especially along shared corridors, and the importance of holistically addressing the multiple dimensions of sustainability.
  • Offer a variety of realistic strategies for successful planning and implementation. Sustainability is not one-size-fits-all, and different communities may take different paths to achieving their goals.

The Implementation Guidebook offers tools, indicators, templates and best practices that will not only be used in six key corridors, as part of the three-year Creating Sustainable Places initiative, but can also be used by any community to create more sustainable places.