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Planning Tools

Where are we heading with the region's natural resources?

Embedding Ecological Value in Land Use Planning

The EPA awarded MARC a Wetlands Development grant to partner with University of Utah – Metropolitan Research Center (MRC) to enhance the scenario building tool Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+)  by adding an ecosystem service app. One of the main goals of the project is to provide a tool that will allow the benefits of wetlands to be quantified, understood and evaluated with a range of other economic, environmental and social indicators of sustainability.

Creating Even More Sustainable Places

MARC is on a journey to empower communities to integrate the evaluation and assessment of ecological value in its community development projects. Continuing the work done with the corridors chosen for Creating Sustainable Places (CSP), Embedding Ecological Value in Land Use Planning has taken the next step by making it possible to assign a dollar figure to environmental stewardship. Learn more about CSP»

Natural Resource Inventory Publications Available for Download

Cover images of "The Nature of Greater Kansas City: Conservation, Restoration and Enhancement of our Land" and "The Nature of Nature in Greater Kansas City: Using Natural Resource Inventory Data in PlanningWe can’t adequately take care of our resources until we know what and where they are. Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) data sets provide an invaluable foundation to assess how natural resource conservation and restoration can create beauty, add value, reduce costs and protect community health. The Nature of Greater Kansas City is a primer for those just discovering the importance of environmental stewardship. The Nature of Nature in Greater Kansas City dives deeper into the technical aspects and uses of the region's NRI data. Learn more and download digital copies»