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Kansas City Regional Bikeway Plan

The Greater Kansas City Regional Bikeway Plan envisions a cohesive regional network of bikeways, connected across city, county and state boundaries, that promotes active transportation. 

The Regional Bikeway Network proposed in this plan will make it easier for people across the metro to use bicycling not only for recreation, but as a viable transportation alternative to reach a wide variety of destinations.
When fully implemented, this plan will expand active transportation choices for area residents over a 2,000-mile network of on-road and off-road facilities that spans eight-counties in the bistate Kansas City region. 
adopted by MARC Board on Jan. 27, 2015

Appendix A, WikiMap and public engagement efforts (8.2 MB)

Appendix B, Existing facilities, system gaps and local surveys (4.2 MB)

Appendix C, Implementation analysis (1.3 MB)

Appendix D, Bikeway network maps (1.3 MB)

Consultant Team: Vireo, Sprinkle Consulting, Toole Design Group