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Water Resources

"If It's on the Ground, It's in Our Water" encourages us to change behaviors.

Clean Water. Healthy Life.

Water Quality logo-Small, no taglineWater quality is an important aspect of any community. MARC's Water Quality Program is uniting the Kansas City region in efforts to make our environment more healthy for today and for future generations. We provide educational resources, grants, research and public outreach for local governments as well as the general public. Learn More»

Know your roots

Most lawns in the Kansas City region are planted with non-native turf grasses like fescue. While these grasses are attractive and colorful, their short roots do not absorb and filter water effectively. Non-native lawns also require more mowing and watering than native landscapes.
Landscape with native plants»

Annual Grants Awarded for Innovative Projects

The Regional Water Quality Public Education Committee grants program. Individuals, nonprofit organizations and community groups are eligible to apply for grant funding under this program. Grant funds must be used to support activity and/or event planning, project implementation and associated costs.
Selected proposals must address at least one of the following water quality education goals:

  • Provide public education about the adverse impacts of stormwater runoff and water pollution.
  • Promote policies and management practices that reduce stormwater runoff and water pollution.
  • Implement best management practices (BMPs) to reduce stormwater runoff and water pollution in area creeks and streams.
See the 2013 Grantee project descriptions