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Business Grammar

project managementDon’t let poor grammar make you look bad. Instead, improve your grammatical abilities in a fun and fast-paced four-hour workshop. This training seminar will teach you the following:

1. Writing Techniques for avoiding 4 major grammatical errors, including:

  • Agreement errors
  • Run-on sentences
  • Fragments
  • Spelling
2. Punctuation Rules for:
  • Commas
  • Semicolons
  • Colons
  • Apostrophes
3. Proofreading Techniques

The training minimizes lecture and maximizes hands-on activities and group work. Pre- and post-test results will show you what you have learned. If you’ve ever fretted over who or whom, stop worrying.  Attend this seminar and start improving your grammar.

Business Grammar
April 25, 1–4:30 p.m.