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Our goal is zero fatalities in the Kansas City area

Destination Safe celebrates 10 years in KC region

Destination Safe is celebrating ten years of working to create safer roadways in the Kansas City region and beyond. Destination safe has adopted the “Toward Zero Deaths” mindset because each life lost is one too many.

Join our Destination Safe celebration lunch on Sept. 5, as we recount some of our groups successes over the past decade.

Friday, Sept. 5, 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center
6200 Martway Street, Mission, KS 66202

Cost is $10 per person.
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Destination Safe releases safety blueprint, Toward Zero Deaths

Destination Safe released its regional safety blueprint. Toward Zero Deaths takes a close look at 15 focus areas that are the root of many serious injuries and fatalities on our area roadways. The Coalition has developed a plan to help decrease these incidents on our roads.

Toward Zero Deaths, 2013–2017: Kansas City Regional Transportation Safety Blueprint.

Destination Safe: working to create a safe transportation network for our region

This graphic includes a line for a benchmark reduction by 2012, as stated in the previous Kansas City blueprint. The region has been experiencing a decline in the number of roadway fatalities over the past five years, actually falling below the benchmark goal in 2011. Preliminary 2012 data indicates an upward edge in fatalitites — the same trend seen at the state and national level. Early data for the third quarter of 2013 indicate that regional fatality numbers will be lower. It is perhaps too early conclude that 2012 represented a random variation (of a downward trend), or the beginnings of a stall in progress toward zero deaths on our roadways.

Documents contained within this site are exempt under discovery or admission under 23 USC § 409. The collection of safety data in the Kansas City region is encouraged to actively address safety issues on regional, local and site-specific levels. Congress has enacted a law, 23 USC § 409, which prohibits the discovery or admission of crash and safety data from being admitted into evidence in a federal or state court proceeding. These documents contain wording, charts, tables, graphs, lists and diagrams for the purpose of identifying and evaluating safety enhancements in the Kansas City region. These materials are protected under 23 USC § 409. Congress’ rationale behind 23 USC § 409 is that safety data is compiled and collected to help prevent future crashes, injuries and deaths on our nation’s transportation system.