HazMat Technician Refresher

Kansas City, Kan. Fire Department Station #6, 9548 State Ave, Kansas City, KS

The Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher training is an eight-hour course offered on three separate days.

The course includes a review of applicable laws, regulations and standards, scene management, utilizing relevant technical documents, selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) and decontamination methods.

This is a lecture and hands-on course. Students will work through scenarios where they research and solve a variety of problems with a time period given to review and re-familiarize themselves with mitigation methods, techniques, tools and monitoring instrumentation.

Topics include

  • Site management Identifying the problem
  • Hazard assessment and risk evaluation
  • Selecting PPE and clothing Information and management
  • Resource coordination Implementing response objectives
  • Decontamination
  • Terminating the incident
Hazardous materials team inspecting items

Based on grant requirements, priority registration is for the KS LEPC and MO LEPD service area.

Training location

Topics: HazMat

Focus Area: Safety & Security