Funding and RFPs

MARC facilitates funding and bid opportunities through calls for projects, grants and requests for proposals.

Requests for Proposals

MARC programs issue requests for proposals for bid and contract opportunities exceeding $50,000. RFP responses should be submitted electronically using the instructions provided in the RFP document. MARC RFPs are also posted on DemandStar.

Planning Sustainable Places

The Planning Sustainable Places program provides local governments with financial support to advance detailed local planning and project development activities in support of Creating Sustainable Places, Connected KC 2050’s Activity Centers and Corridors framework, and MARC's adopted policy statement on regional land use direction.  

The PSP Program will seek consulting services to complete five Planning Sustainable Places projects. Please consult the anticipated release schedule for information on these projects. The schedule is updated periodically; please check it regularly. 

Bid opportunities for local governments in the MARC region

Additional bidding opportunities may be available from the following MARC member cities and counties.


Cooperative Purchasing

MARC leads the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative (KCRPC) which increases cooperative purchasing opportunities for local governments, helping them use their combined buying power to reduce the cost of goods and services, and streamline the purchasing process.