What we do

Fostering collaboration

To build a region we're proud to call home

Some issues reach across the boundaries of individual communities. Often, they can only be addressed by working together. MARC creates a space for the Kansas City region to come together to find and implement solutions that create a community people are proud to call home.

Map showing nine MARC counties

What we're working on

MARC brings together diverse stakeholders from across the region to address the most important issues facing Greater Kansas City. Here's what we've been working on lately.



Plentiful and affordable housing impacts access to jobs and education, economic development, and quality of life. Together with local leaders and stakeholders, MARC is working to identify a collaborative path forward that addresses regional housing challenges and possible solutions.

Kansas City skyline with solar panels in the foreground


In partnership with Climate Action KC, MARC is organizing strategies to draw down greenhouse gases and improve climate resilience across the region.

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Job seekers can visit MetroKCGovJobs.org to find open positions in city, county and state governments and public sector organizations. This project was developed by the Government-to-University (G2U) initiative.

Celebrate the region's accomplishments

2024 Regional Assembly

and Leadership Awards

Please join us on Friday, June 14, for the annual MARC Regional Assembly. At the assembly, MARC will present the 2024 Regional Leadership Awards.

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Government Training Institute

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Expand your skills and explore new skills with training opportunities from MARC's  Government Training Institute.

  • Find the courses that fit your needs with the new GTI Catalog.
  • Explore all upcoming classes on the GTI Calendar