Stress Survival Skills

Change seems to be occurring at a faster pace. The world is becoming increasingly hostile. Work is becoming more and more challenging. Work-life balance seems impossible to achieve. Learn some great tips on surviving in this stressful world!

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Presenter: Kimberley McConico

Kim McConico from Winning Within and Associates

Kimberley McConico is a Senior Associate for Winning Within & Associates, LLC, a Kansas City-based organizational development consulting firm. Kim is a recognized speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and published author.

Kim has worked with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and faith-based organizations. She’s known for her ability to capture the listeners with visuals and humor and teach with clarity. Her passion is to educate, inform and help empower people of all ages so they can achieve their goals, dreams, and visions. Kim worked in the technology field for over 13 years in IT Project Management and Customer Service Support Management. She helped businesses improve help desk and desktop support; thus improving customer satisfaction and boosting employee morale. She created process workflows to improve service and support and later furthered her education by earning a White Belt in Six Sigma. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from The University of Kansas.

Focus Area: Local Government