Office of the Executive Director

David Warm, Executive Director

Office of the Executive Director
  • Karina Bielecki, Executive Assistant

Aging and Adult Services

James Stowe, Director of Aging and Adult Services

Aging and Adult Services
  • Sarah Albin, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Angela Barnes, Regional Ombudsman Coordinator
  • Tonya Boston, Aging Systems Specialist
  • Michele Castaneda, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Melody Elston, Integrated Care Program Director
  • Shannon Halvorsen, Integrated Care Manager
  • Bob Hogan, Manager of Aging Administrative Services
  • Kayla Hower, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Victoria Jackson, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Tane Lewis, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Donna Martin, Public Health Senior Planner
  • Jennifer McMullen, Home Meals Delivery Driver
  • Bethany Reyna, Nutrition Program Manager
  • Scott Rowe, Regional Ombudsman Specialist
  • Lauren Schaumburg, Public Health Planner
  • Rona Scott, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Katelyn Staab, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Cindy Terryberry, Community Services Liaison
  • Amber Vaughn, Integrated Care Specialist
  • Nicolette Wallis, Business Technology Analyst

Community Development

Marlene Nagel, Director of Community Development

Community Development
  • Cedric Deadmon, KC Degrees Outreach and Advising Project Manager
  • Sherry Ellis, HMIS Project Manager
  • Pam Harris, KC Degrees Coordinator
  • Beth Heslowitz, Workforce Development Program Director
  • Hannayd Ruiz, HMIS Project Administrator

Early Learning

Jovanna Rohs, Director of Early Learning and Head Start

Early Learning
  • Kyle Matchell, Early Learning Manager
  • Asia Foster, Early Learning Program Manager
  • Susan Duffey, Program Coordinator
  • Brady Smith, Program Assistant
Head Start

Steven Lewis, Program Director

  • Carol Bolz, Education Manager
  • Gabrielle Bridgeman, Eligibility Specialist
  • Lacy Butler, Education Coordinator/Coach
  • Molly Chavez, Data and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Betty Choi, ERSEA Coordinator
  • Michelle Draper, Education Coordinator/Coach
  • Liz Folk, Eligibility Specialist
  • Lynette Fowler, Family and Community Engagement Manager
  • Tamara Graves, Mental Health/Disability Manager
  • Brandy Holderby, Health and Nutrition Coordinator
  • Tori Humes, Eligibility Specialist
  • Kate Jacquin, Eligibility Specialist
  • Terrion Jones, Eligibility Specialist
  • Jami Jordan, Education Coordinator/Coach
  • Pam Kabrick, Organizational Development Manager
  • Kasey Lawson, ERSEA Manager
  • Jennifer Leighton-Floyd, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • McKenzie Neds, Program Coordinator
  • Sandra Reece, Health and Nutrition Manager
  • Alma Rivera, Head Start Specialist
  • Daniela Rivera, Eligibility Specialist
  • Millie Robinson, Family Engagement
  • Anneasyka Roston, Data Specialist
  • Loretta Skinner, Education Coordinator/Coach
  • Bridgette Smith, Head Start Specialist
  • Michael Striebich, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Kathy Waage, Health and Nutrition Coordinator

Finance and Administration

Carol Gonzales, Director of Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration
  • Thressa Allen, Program Assistant
  • Joanne Bussinger, Grant Manager
  • Joy Edwards, Grants Monitor
  • Brad Gaeddert, Grant Manager
  • Amanda Graor, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Ron Howell, Accountant
  • Dao Le, Accountant
  • Darlene Pickett, Accountant
  • Barbara Pittman, Accountant
  • Amanda Rehani, Grant Accountant
  • Lisa Santa Maria, Accountant
  • Ginny Williams, Grant Accountant
  • Lupe Valdovino, Accountant
Human Resources

Nancy Weitzel-Burry, Human Resources Program Director

  • Amy Jacoby, Receptionist/Accounting Clerk
  • Kerry Kudron, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Jeramy Medlin, Human Resources Generalist
Information Technology

Sasan Baharaeen, Manager of Information Systems

  • Brad Grasty, IT Support Specialist
  • John Hwang, Network Administrator I
  • Nick Kline, Cybersecurity Specialist
Public Affairs

Kristin Johnson-Waggoner, Public Affairs Program Director

  • Laura Bogue, Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Catherine Couch, Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Nordia Epps, Media Planning and Buying Coordinator
  • Joe Gauer, Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Caroline Knecht, Website Coordinator
  • Bridget Koan, Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Amy Strange, Digital Communications Manager

Local Government Services

Lauren Palmer, Director of Local Government Services

Local Government Services
  • Katie Killen, Housing Program Manager
  • Rita Parker, Regional Cooperative Purchasing Program Coordinator
Emergency Services

Erin Lynch, Emergency Services/Homeland Security Program Director

  • John Davis, Fiscal Administrator
  • Lisa Elsas, Training Coordinator
  • Justin Jones, Resource Coordinator
  • Matthew Matheis, Senior Planner and Exercise Coordinator
  • Vickie Phillips, Administrative Program Assistant
  • Jennifer Sutherlin, Public Health Program Manager
  • Jason White, Project Manager
Government Training Institute

Amiee Wenson, Local Government Services Program Manager

  • Carmellya Anderson, GTI Events Manager
  • Shelly Bolling-Strickland, GTI Program Assistant/Registrar
  • Lisa Danbury, Small Cities Program Manager
Public Safety Communications

Eric Winebrenner, Public Safety Program Director

  • Hassan Al-Rubaie, Public Safety Technical Services Manager
  • Chris Allen Hunter, Program Assistant
  • Hannah Ankenbauer, Database Specialist I
  • Doug Bennett, Technical Services Specialist I
  • Benjamin Clark, Technical Services Specialist III
  • Tyler Davis, Technical Services Specialist
  • Saralyn Hayes, Public Safety GIS/Database Manager
  • Kathleen Kotnour, Database Specialist I
  • Sally McGraw, Program Assistant
  • Wes McGraw, Technical Services Specialist I
  • Pam Opoka, Training Coordinator
  • Nikki Thomas, Public Safety Operations Manager
  • Maria Walser, Database Specialist III

Research Services

Frank Lenk, Director of Research Services

Research Services
  • Christopher Jahns, Research/Data Analyst
  • Terry Anderson, Program Assistant
Geographic Information Systems

Jay Heermann, GIS Manager

  • Paul Bushore, Data Developer/Analyst
  • Jakob Goldman, GIS Specialist
  • Sara Hintze, Data Developer/Analyst
  • Tina Sikes, GIS Specialist II
  • Muril Stone, Transportation Database Specialist
  • Brian Wize, Data Developer/Analyst

Transportation & Environment

Ron Achelpohl, Director of Transportation and Environment

Transportation Planning

Martin Rivarola, Assistant Director of Transportation and Land Use Planning

  • Rachel Cannon, Transportation Planner I
  • Taylor Cunningham, Transportation Planner II
  • Beth Dawson, Principal Planner
  • Darryl Fields, Principal Planner
  • Marc Hansen, Principal Planner
  • Amanda Horner, Safety and Mobility Planner
  • Joshua Rubio, Travel Model Technician
  • Patrick Trouba, Transportation Planner I
  • Chris Upchurch, Technical Project Manager
  • Eileen Yang, Transportation Modeling Manager
Transportation Operations

Raymond Webb, Manager of Traffic Operations

  • Scott Cutshall, Traffic Signal Analyst II
  • Chris Jenkins, Traffic Signal Analyst III
  • Cedrick Owens Sr., Traffic Signal Analyst II
  • Barry Viss, Traffic Signal Analyst III
Environmental Programs

Tom Jacobs, Environmental Programs Director

  • Karen Clawson, Principal Planner/Air Quality Program Manager
  • Synthia Isah, Water Quality Planner II
  • Nadja Karpilow, Planner III
  • Kate Ludwig, Environmental Program Assistant
  • Lisa McDaniel, Solid Waste Management Program Manager
  • Doug Norsby, Air Quality Planner III
  • Matt Riggs, Planner II
  • Ashley Sadowski, Executive Director of Building Energy Exchange
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