Community Disaster Resiliency Network

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The Community Disaster Resiliency Network was created to connect community service providers and allow members to discuss best practices, common goals, emergency planning and training, sharing resources, etc., in order to increase agency and client resiliency before, during and after disasters.

Vision, Mission & Goals

To enable all people to practice emergency preparedness and increase their resiliency during disaster events through education with inclusive and accessible materials delivered by trusted service providers.

To develop a network of Community Service Providers committed to engaging with their consumers and with each other regarding tools, training and best practices in disaster preparedness and response targeting the populations they serve.


  • Nurture self-sustaining leadership and engage membership to address resiliency, emergency preparedness, response and recovery in relation to community service providers and their clients.
  • Develop strategic relationships between members of the network to encourage collaboration and resource sharing.
  • Engage consumers to utilize recommended tools and training.
  • Provide context and insight back to emergency management.

MARC Staff Contact

Melinda Cheney

Please contact MARC for more information about this committee.