Goods Movement Committee

Forklift and cargo shipping containers

The Goods Movement Committee is a subcommittee of the Total Transportation Policy Committee (TTPC). It acts as an advisory body to TTPC on matters involving freight project priorities and policy considerations that affect the movement of freight into, around and out of the metropolitan area. The committee provides a forum for regional freight stakeholders to discuss public-private collaborations, public outreach and other topics related to goods movement.
Membership is comprised of representatives from the rail, trucking, water and aviation industries — both the private and public sectors — as well as from economic development agencies, educational institutions involved in freight planning, and those interested in the freight industry.


Janet McRae
Miami County, Kan.

Mike Duffy
Riverside, Mo. 

MARC staff contact

Darryl Fields


The Goods Movement committee meets the first Tuesday of every even-numbered month or on an as-needed basis as determined by the co-chairs.