Economy Data and Maps

Economic Equity Value Atlas

The Economic Equity Value Atlas is an analytical tool that supports resource allocation decisions across the region to help ensure economic growth includes everyone. The web-based tool enables the Mid-America Regional Council to analyze public and private investments, test communications strategies and consider policy recommendations. The tool aligns economic development, regional planning and infrastructure investment in support of regional economic goals.

Kansas City’s EEVA is designed with metrics that help local decision-makers align with the KC Rising Pillars of Prosperity.

MARC was an early adopter of the EEVA and served as part of an initial cohort to develop and implement the EEVA, which was originally developed by Portland Metro and the Brookings Institution.

Regional economic prosperity

KC Rising brings together civic and business partners to strengthen the regional economy and foster inclusive prosperity for the Kansas City metropolitan area. As a partner organization, MARC supports this work through several data inititatives.

KC Rising logo that says KC Rising Our Shared Vision for Regional Prosperity

KC Rising Metrics

MARC tracks peer metro metrics — including metropolitan gross domestic product, quality jobs and median household income — to gain insight into the impact of strategies.

KC Rising logo that says KC Rising Our Shared Vision for Regional Prosperity

KC Rising Data & Analysis Resource Team

The KC Rising Data & Analysis Resource Team (DART) supports KC Rising in creating and maintaining its metrics framework to measure progress toward goals, enable community action and provide data for decision-making. MARC supports the work of the committee with tailored data and analysis.

Economic forecasts

Economic forecasts provide valuable insight into Greater Kansas City's growth and development. MARC creates economic forecasts for use by elected officials, stakeholders and the public in decisions that affect every resident. The forecasts support initiatives to help develop, retain and support diverse talent in the region’s workforce and ensure diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace environments.

MARC conducts monthly economic forecasts, in addition to tracking sectors in real-time. MARC also provides annual regional economic forecasts for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, with projections of employment growth and gross domestic product for the region compared to the U.S.

MARC’s economic forecasts use a software model for predicting regional growth and development, including modeling the impact of different investment scenarios.

Regional Retail Trends Report

The Regional Retail Trends Report looks at historical data to examine trends for retail and retail-adjacent industries.