Housing Data and Maps

Housing Data hub

The regional Housing Data Hub underpins all the work undertaken by the Regional Housing Partnership. It is essential to the first element of data and analytics that will ground strategies and inform policy and decision-making.

The Housing Data Hub is not meant to just provide data but to spur discussion and action from the data stories it generates.

Related housing work

Multi-unit housing complex

Regional Housing Partnership

Plentiful and affordable housing is critical to the Kansas City region because it impacts access to jobs and education, economic development, and our quality of life. Together with local leaders and stakeholders, MARC and the Regional Housing Partnership are working to identify a collaborative path forward that addresses regional housing challenges and possible solutions.

Two suburban homes in Prairie Village, Kansas

First Suburbs Coalition

The First Suburbs Coalition was formed to bring together communities to work together, share information and forge a larger partnership between the public and private sectors. It has initiated a number of successful programs, especially to promote housing remodeling in member communities.