Transportation Data and Maps

Data and maps play a significant role in transportation planning. The Mid-America Regional Council collects, compiles, analyzes and shares an array of information about the transportation system.

Connected KC 2050 logo

Connected KC 2050 Comprehensive Map

This map combines all data layers used throughout Connected KC 2050, the long-range transportation plan for the Kansas City region.

People walking on the Trolley Track trail

Regional Trails and Bikeways Map

MARC’s Trails and Bikeways Map is a regional effort to map more than 2,000 miles of trails and bikeways across the Kansas City region.

Line drawing of map and map pin

Functional Classification Map

The functional classification map allows users to view the functional classifications of roads throughout the region. 

Line of cars on a freight train

Freight Map

The Freight map shows rail yards, foreign trade zones, truck parking and rest areas and freight activity areas across the region. 

Bucket truck repairing traffic signal

Operation Green Light System Map

The system map shows all traffic signals in the region, including those on the OGL network.

Aerial view of interstate exchange

Travel Demand Forecast Model

The Regional Travel Demand Forecast Model is a tool to forecast traffic and travel in the Kansas City metro area.