Chemical Safety

Individuals completing this course should be able to assess the proper Personal Protective Equipment to use when working around chemicals in their workplace.

Individuals will be able to use a Material Safety Data Sheet to assure that they are using the chemical correctly and they will also know how to address a spill involving that chemical. Areas covered include use of chemicals in the workplace, employers' responsibility to employees, reading and understanding MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), and other programs that may need to be in place based on chemical inventories.

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MDNR OpCert Credits

  • Water 3.50/Distribution Systems 3.50/Wastewater 3.50/CAFO 3.50


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Presenter: Management Strategies Group

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Management Strategies Group, Inc. (MSG) is located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. MSG is a full-service consulting and training firm. We provide specialized assistance in management, business, environmental, health and safety. Management Strategies Group, Inc. has grown and is providing services throughout the United States and Japan to clients representing private and public organizations, nonprofit groups and governmental organizations.

Focus Area: Local Government