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Preventing and Fixing Customer Service Mistakes

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This course is part of the Customer Service series from the Government Training Institute (GTI)

Mistakes happen in every organization, but how the organization recovers from the mistake is the difference between sinking and swimming. It is crucial to ongoing customer satisfaction and retention. A "life-saver" can solve the problem and actually increase customer loyalty. Texas A&M research shows customer loyalty goes up 60% when successful recovery occurs. But an organization can't correct mistakes if the front line employees don't.

This course is a virtual, instructor-led, live online event, with self-paced activities and learning opportunities. Live event recordings will be posted for all participants.

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Learn to identify what customers want and expect when a service breakdown occurs, use the five steps of service recovery as needed per situation, work with the customer to develop a plan of service recovery, identify opportunities to add value to the service recovery process, and complete the service recovery cycle to win over the customer in the process.


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Customer service representative with headset
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