CHW Success Stories

Aug 22, 2023
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Community Health Workers at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) received a referral for a man who had been incarcerated for a few years and then released at the age of 74. Although the client is a veteran and had a bachelor’s degree, he found himself starting from scratch after his release. In addition, he suffers from dementia and other chronic physical and mental health illnesses.

Catholic Charities helped him find housing in Labette County with the help of another CHW from Crawford County. The client didn’t have the essentials to start his new life or to get medical care – he had no Social Security card, health insurance or VA benefits.

The CHWs at KUMC helped him get everything in order to apply for a birth certificate, Social Security card, VA benefits and many other things. A CHW visited him at his apartment daily to check on him, took him to appointments and helped with daily care. Within five months, the client has made great improvements, due to the CHWs' hard work and dedication. He now has home health services, VA benefits, an in-home care attendant a few days per week and essentials for his home.


This article is part of our ongoing series, CHW Success Stories, which highlights the work of community health workers throughout the MARC region.