Celebrate Earth Day around the region

Apr 20, 2022
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Earth Day 2022 illustration with recycling logo and recyclable items

Visit RecycleSpot.org to learn about ways you can take action and find details for more than 20 local green events.

What can I do to celebrate?

The KC Regional Climate Action Plan is a comprehensive toolkit that local municipalities are adopting thanks to Climate Action KC. Take a look here and learn about initiatives you can talk to your local leaders about considering. There are solutions fit for towns, neighborhoods and communities of faith of all sizes and resource levels. You can also learn about ways to keep our ground decontaminated and litter-free over at Clean Water KC Metro—because if it’s on the ground, it’s in our water!

This year, many partner organizations are recommending that people look into composting. Whether you’re a business or a resident, Compost Collective KCFood Cycle KCKC Can Compost or Missouri Organic Recycling can get you started with receptacles or drop-off locations. Or maybe you’d rather spend the weekend doing some spring cleaning and running errands to dispose of and donate the clutter in your house. Don’t forget to dispose of your household hazardous waste responsibly!

Another activity you can organize this weekend is a group cleanup of your local parks and community spaces. Be sure your team has a proper supply of gloves and trash bags (and pickers to save you the back trouble). Turn it into a fun jog (or “plog”) around town.

Recycle more, recycle better

Lastly, the easiest regular activity you can take part in on Earth Day—and every day—is recycling more and recycling better. Contamination happens anytime anything ends up in a recycling bin that shouldn’t be there. Contamination decreases the value of recyclables, increases processing costs, can endanger workers and cause your recyclables to be sent to the landfill. And, currently, 25% of what our communities and businesses are placing into the recycling stream is not actually recyclable.

To fight recycling stream contamination, download the Recycle More, Recycle Better flier. And visit RecycleSpot.org when you’re looking for a spot to recycle just about anything.

We hope you consider joining in the fun – and have a happy Earth Day!