Get involved with the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Program

Oct 31, 2023
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Through the EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program, the Kansas City region has received $1 million to support the development of a priority climate action plan (PCAP) and implementation of investment-ready policies, programs and projects to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. 

MARC is launching a multi-step process with regional stakeholders, including engagement with environmental justice and disadvantaged communities, to ensure that planning addresses local and regional needs. This planning work will help transform the climate action plan into a prioritized implementation plan so the region is positioned to compete for competitive implementation funding in spring 2024.

Upcoming community and stakeholder engagement opportunities

Local governments, transit agencies, community organizations, neighborhood groups, nonprofits and other stakeholders in the region are invited to submit projects and programs that will reduce climate pollution and support the community. 

Please join us in ensuring that the Kansas City region benefits from this historic investment in local infrastructure and programming.