Get rid of leaves in an environmentally friendly way

Sep 15, 2023
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leaves in compost bags

Dazzling in autumnal color, October brings cool weather and the sight, sounds and smell of falling leaves. Thoughts will soon turn to raking leaves and picking up the sticks scattered throughout the yard.

Check out these tips for cleaning up in a safe and air-friendly way: 

  • Try mulching: Mulching reduces leaves to approximately one-tenth of their original volume and mixes grass and the leaf particles together. By doing this, they decompose much more quickly, adding valuable organic material and nutrients back into the soil. 
  • Compost yard waste: Composting on the ground or in a bin may be an option. Check with your local jurisdiction on any requirements for residential composting. Composted material breaks down into a mere fraction of its original volume and can rejuvenate lawns and gardens. And, if your garden is done for the year, you might be able to save a step and compost your leaves directly in the plot for next year’s garden.

Remember to avoid burning leaves or other yard debris. Smoke can cause serious air quality issues even for people long distances away.

Check with your city and county to learn what information or services might be available to you. For example: