MARC Solid Waste Management District holds annual honors

Jan 25, 2023
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Go Green! Environmental Fair wins Green Event Award at 2022 SWMD Annual Luncheon

The MARC Solid Waste Management District hosted its annual luncheon meeting and elections at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center last month. As with previous luncheons, the district recognized honorees that have displayed an outstanding commitment to waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.

Guest speaker Brian Weinberg, co-founder and managing partner at the Foundation for Regeneration, spoke about the work being done to stimulate economic development in the Kansas City, Missouri, Blue River Valley industrial corridor. Brian spoke of the potential for industrial symbiosis and reuse of natural materials on-site within the corridor. He highlighted the automobile production history of the corridor and called out the efforts of Missouri Organics and Urban Lumber (both local to the corridor) to make compost and salvaged wood furniture, respectively. "Turning waste into value, somewhere down the chain," says Weinberg of efforts like this. "That's the circular economy."

Learn more about the circular economy in the Blue River Valley industrial corridor here.

Brian Weinberg presents at the Solid Waste Management District 2022 Annual Luncheon