Updates and outcomes from MARC's June Board meetings

Jul 03, 2023
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Attendees at the June 2023 Board Meeting

Note: There is no July Board of Directors meeting.  

We’re sharing selected highlights from the meetings for your awareness and use in regional conversations. 

Head Start grant: To continue support for 2,400 children and families in the region, the Board of Directors approved a request from MARC’s Early Learning Department to apply for a five-year noncompetitive federal grant. If awarded, the grant would bring in $32,172,048 for Head Start services in the next fiscal year beginning on Nov. 1. MARC will pass on 82% of those funds to 17 early learning providers in the region and will provide key support services to those partners.

Unfunded transportation needs: The Board approved the Missouri unfunded transportation needs list, which aims to position the region to react quickly to any secured funding. Listed projects include I-70 corridor improvements, safety improvements on the Bruce R. Watkins Highway and pavement work on U.S. Highway 50.

KCHousingLocator.com: Staff demonstrated KCHousingLocator.com, a new website that helps residents find affordable housing in the Kansas City region. The site is supported by the Greater Kansas City Regional Housing Partnership and the City of Kansas City, Missouri. It creates a centralized location for landlords to connect with potential tenants in all nine surrounding counties. 

Elected officials training: MARC’s Government Training Institute will hold a new course for elected officials on Aug. 10 entitled, “Servant Leadership Leads to Finding Common Ground.” The course’s objectives include emphasizing the value of mutual goals and effective communication. 

Ozone season: Similar to other parts of the country, the region has seen higher-than-usual numbers of ozone alerts and exceedances this ozone season. Stagnant weather patterns and local pollution are big reasons for the high ozone levels, and the region’s ozone levels could have implications for future air quality monitoring. Steps to help reduce ozone can be found on marc.org. 

World Cup 2026: Board members heard about KC2026, a nonprofit created to oversee strategy and delivery of host city duties for the FIFA World Cup in Kansas City. Elected officials and community leaders are encouraged to attend upcoming listening sessions held by KC2026 to hear updates on planning, needs and collaboration. 

Budget and Personnel

At the MARC Budget and Personnel Committee meeting on June 27, attendees took the following actions: 

Annual Financial Report: Committee members voted to accept the 2022 Comprehensive Financial Report prepared by RubinBrown. The firm issued a clean opinion on MARC’s financial statements. The Board of Directors accepted the report at its meeting, as well. 

Transportation grant: In an effort to further improve traffic flow, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions, the committee authorized MARC to receive grant funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the Operation Green Light (OGL) program. This funding will allow OGL to use data to better manage the region’s arterial roadways. 

Community meals contract amendment: In May, MARC’s Aging Department requested a 5% increase to TRIO Community Meals’ prior contract, intended to reflect inflation and rising food costs. However, TRIO Community Meals has since requested an additional 7% increase. After consulting MARC’s research services team, the increase was verified to be at-cost of food inflation and production costs. Committee members voted to approve the contract amendment. TRIO provides frozen meals to 3,600 Medicaid recipients in the Kansas City region.