MARC seeks community representatives for two committees

Nov 07, 2023
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MARC is currently accepting applications from community organizations and individuals interested in voting membership on the Active Transportation Programming Committee and Air Quality ForumApplicants can include people representing business, economic development, social equity, environmental, specific transportation modes or other perspectives relevant to this work.

Active Transportation Programming Committee

The Active Transportation Programming Committee is a subcommittee of MARC’s Total Transportation Policy Committee. Its responsibility is to program funds allocated to the Kansas City metropolitan area dedicated to active transportation projects. These projects are proposed by public agencies (commonly cities and counties) around the region. The majority of these funds come from the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program – Set Aside, commonly known by its previous name, Transportation Alternatives Program or TAP. A smaller portion of funds come from the Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality program.

When funds are not being programmed, the Active Transportation Programming Committee monitors projects for which funds are programmed and votes on requests, such as scope changes to projects. The Total Transportation Policy Committee guides this work and serves as MARC’s designated committee to provide policy-level input to the MARC Board of Directors on significant transportation issues, programs and projects.

Active Transportation Programming Committee meetings are on the second Wednesday of every quarter (February, May, August and November) at 10:30 a.m. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed during rounds of project programming. Two seats are up for nomination, and each seat has an alternate who steps in if the primary seat holder is unavailable.

Air Quality Forum

The Air Quality Forum is a policy and programming committee comprised of local elected officials, air quality and transportation agency personnel, and business and community group representatives. The Air Quality Forum reviews regional air quality issues and makes policy recommendations regarding those issues to the MARC Board of Directors and the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Additionally, the Air Quality Forum serves as MARC’s designated committee to review and make recommendations pertaining to Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality project eligibility and fund allocation. It is the goal of the committee to support and fund projects that will have a positive impact on air quality in the Kansas City region and mitigate congestion when possible.

The Air Quality Forum meets the second Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. and holds a minimum of six meetings a year (every other month.) Meetings are currently in a hybrid format, both online and in person.

The following Air Quality Forum community membership seats are open:

  • Health organization (3 seats)
  • Environmental organization (2 seats)
  • Transportation organization (2 seats)
  • Economic development organization (1 seat)
  • For-profit corporation (1 seat)

Application form

If you or your organization have interest in applying for one of these positions, please fill out the application below by Friday, Dec. 15, 2023.