Remote workers weigh the future of their commute

Mar 10, 2021
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Woman with a laptop working from home

In a recent RideshareKC #CommuteVoices questionnaire, metro area commuters shared their experiences, anxieties and hopes for the future of their transportation routine, painting a broader picture for the possible future of commuting in our region.

Many benefits to remote work

A core theme emerged from this commuter feedback — many workers hope that remote work is here to stay. Many respondents say they have enjoyed saving time, money and stress by eliminating their daily commutes. One respondent, Kayra, said that with the time she used to spend commuting, she can now enjoy walks on her breaks with her dogs and better food choices for lunches since she is home to cook.

The benefits of remote work are keenly felt by respondents who could be identified as super commuters — those who travel long distances to get to work. One such commuter, Shannon, used to have to travel 90 miles to work every day. She says she’s enjoyed teleworking over the past year because it’s less expensive and faster to simply walk to her home office.

Similarly, workers who frequently travel for work may also see added benefits to the more agile telework environment. One respondent, Sarah, often worked out of town, and would miss out on meetings while off-site.

“For me, the fact that our whole office is telecommuting has been extremely positive and more inclusive,” said Sarah. Now that her company is fully teleworking, she can stay better connected with her colleagues. “Impromptu social meetings don’t happen, but group meet-ups are no longer restricted by geographic location, which contributes to firmwide unity.”

Missing the human connection

For others, the day-to-day commute is a routine that has been sorely missed over the past year. Among respondents who previously used alternative modes like biking, walking, transit or carpooling to get to work, many reported missing the friendship, community, colleague connection and active lifestyle that commuting afforded.

Several respondents say they have missed and worried about their old “bus buddies” during this time.

“I have been tempted to drive to 3rd and Grand just to see the Main MAX pull in and hope to catch a glimpse of one of my favorite drivers.” 

Paula, IT Manager