Study to improve public transit to new KCI terminal underway

Feb 24, 2023
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Rendering of new KCI airport terminal

The action plan will define a path for a reliable, accessible, and multimodal public transit system that serves the airport and key destinations around the region. 

An improved public transit system will provide daily workers, regular visitors, and conventioneers with reliable and timely service, and can be readily expanded for short periods to accommodate major events. This includes ways for inbound and outbound airport travelers to quickly connect to key activity centers throughout the Kansas City region.  

Vital partners in the development of the action plan include civic and business organizations, regional transit agencies, local and other key state government agencies, MARC stakeholders, and the general public.  

The action plan will develop feasible, scalable, sustainable and investable multimodal strategies to improve transit connections for outbound travelers, visitors and workers to the airport and other major destinations. 

The planning team will organize and lead public and private partners and broader community interests in a six-month process to assess market opportunities and design and define costs for new services. The action plan will include priorities, timelines, responsible parties and potential funding alternatives. 

Development of the action plan includes engagement and outreach efforts — surveys, focus groups, business roundtables and virtual public involvement — for adequate community buy-in and ownership.