Community Support Network

The health care system is facing transformational changes. Rapid growth in the number of older adults is already straining capacities, and the need is only expected to grow.  

A pending shift to value-based reimbursements may alter the financial foundation of many health care providers. And a new understanding of the impact that social determinants have on health outcomes has greatly increased focus on non-medical community supports.  

Health care stakeholders in the Kansas City region have determined that the best way to address these challenges is through a coordinated network of community services called the Mid-America Community Support Network, formerly the Managed Services Network. Like other coordinated networks of community services across the nation, the Community Support Network will be a community asset that helps improve health outcomes while reducing costs. 

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What is the Mid-America Community Support Network?

The Community Support Network is a system of targeted services and interventions with specific benefits for at-risk patients, health care providers, payers and community-based organizations. It provides:

  • In-home specialist support for high-risk clients. 
  • Coordinated back-office functions. 
  • Centralized intake and referral services. 
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What are the benefits of a coordinated network of community services?

  • For patients — better patient experiences and improved health outcomes.
  • For providers — operational efficiencies and reduced costs, as well as a smoother transition to value-based care.
  • For payers — lower member usage, greater client satisfaction and reduced costs.
  • For community-based organizations — long-term stability that supports a higher level of quality and service.
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