Green infrastructure on a community scale

Apr 07, 2023
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Illustration of green infrastructure in place

Green infrastructure can include trees, rain gardens, native landscaping, green roofs and engineered bioretention elements. This illustration shows integrated green infrastructure solutions at a community scale. These concepts may be used at multiple scales, from large landscapes to individual commercial sites or residential lots.

Green Infrastructure illustration with annotation

Green infrastructure is not a new idea. It is an all-inclusive name for how natural environmental elements can be easily incorporated into the built environment.

The elements that make up green infrastructure are straightforward:

  • trees
  • rain gardens
  • native landscaping
  • green roofs
  • bioretention features

These elements can be deployed in various combinations in commercial, residential and natural settings.

Green infrastructure concepts are already embedded in many adopted local and regional plans and policies. The Green Infrastructure Framework provides a roadmap for integrated processes and new approaches to protect, preserve and restore natural areas, while meeting social and economic needs at the same time.