Stay safe during extreme heat

Jul 11, 2023
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An older man wipes sweat from his head and holds a bottle of water

Extreme heat is forecasted for our region in the coming days. Extended periods of heat and humidity are dangerous for your health and can contribute to poor air quality.

Among weather-related hazards, extreme heat is responsible for the highest number of deaths. It's especially dangerous for vulnerable populations, including the elderly and children. PrepareMetroKC, the community education website developed by the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee, offers extreme heat preparation and safety tips, including how to recognize the signs of heat illness, how to weatherize your home and where to find cooling centers in our region.

Poor air quality is often an issue during extreme heat. Our region is experiencing higher-than-usual numbers of ozone alerts and exceedances this season. This predicted extreme heat could contribute to additional ozone alerts.

Take these proactive steps to reduce pollution.

  • Drive less. Combine errands and put off less-necessary trips for a cooler day, carpool, or use public transit. Better yet, take a leisurely walk or bike ride, preferably early in the morning or later in the evening.
  • Avoid fueling. Simply filling your vehicle with gasoline can lead to pollution as fumes escape and tiny drips and spills occur, and gas vapors react with heat and sunlight to form ozone. If you must fill your tank, do so after dusk. And be sure to avoid “topping off” your tank.
  • Postpone mowing. Lawn and garden equipment is responsible for an estimated 9% of the Kansas City area’s ozone-forming emissions. Postpone yard work that involves power equipment until the Ozone Alert is over.

Visit, MARC's Air Quality education website, for more tips on how to reduce pollution and improve the air we share at home and at work.