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Oct 19, 2022
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Transportation Improvement Program amendment

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the region’s short-range program that identifies projects to receive federal funds and projects of regional significance to be implemented over the next three- to five-year period. MARC amends the TIP on both a quarterly cycle and as needed to accommodate changes to projects in the TIP.

The proposed special amendment will modify the schedule and budget of these projects to reflect the most recent estimates:

  • Alternative Delivery: U.S. 69 in Johnson County from 151st Street north to 103rd Street.
  • U.S. 69 from 151st Street north to 103rd Street and reconstruction of the 167th Street interchange in Overland Park in Johnson County. 

The amendment will add this as a new project:

  • Open road tolling integration on U.S. 69 from 151st Street north to 103rd Street.

Unified Planning Work Program amendment

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP):

  • Describes the transportation planning activities MARC and other agencies will undertake during the year.
  • Documents the proposed expenditures of federal, state and local funds in support of applications for various planning grants.
  • Provides a management tool for MARC and the funding agencies in scheduling major transportation planning activities, milestones and products.

MARC has drafted the 2023 UPWP that outlines the transportation planning work MARC and its partners intend to complete in 2023.

Connected KC 2050 Amendment

Connected KC 2050 is the Kansas City region's long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan. This plan describes how the region will manage, operate and invest in its multimodal transportation system over the next 30 years. Connected KC 2050 describes the anticipated surface transportation needs of the metropolitan area and identifies proposed transportation investments ranging from road and transit improvements to projects that enhance bike, pedestrian and freight movement.

The U.S. 69 expansion project seeks to address safety, travel time reliability and congestion issues in the corridor. Project elements include building one new express toll lane in each direction adjacent to the existing general-purpose lanes. The project is a medium-priority financially constrained project in ConnectedKC 2050 with a cost of $375 million. However, bids submitted for project construction have exceeded project costs as currently described in the MTP. Current project costs are now anticipated to be $613 million, an increase of $238 million.

KDOT has submitted an amendment request to revise anticipated costs for this project from $375 to $613 million. The project scope of this project has not changed from how it is currently described in the plan.

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