Defining the problem

To better understand how and why severe crashes are occurring on our roads, we analyzed five years of crash data (2016-2020) from the 13-county Destination Safe region to help reveal areas of concern and underlying crash factors. Here are some of the findings.

For every traffic crash fatality, there are five suspected serious injuries.

two men assessing damage from car crash
Car dashboard with blurred street lights through windshield

Speed accounted for 29% of 2020 fatalities — a 56% increase from the previous five-year average.

Unrestrained occupants accounted for 44% of fatalities and 23% of suspected serious injuries.

Close up image of seat belt being buckled
Map of crash locations in Destination Safe counties

Crashes happen everywhere.

While walking accounts for only 6.12% of all travel, pedestrians constitute 13% of crash fatalities.

Feet of pedestrian stepping into crosswalk
Road with sign that says important intersection ahead

All tracked infrastructure focus areas — lane departure, fixed object, horizontal curve, intersections, head-on — experienced increases in fatalities in 2020.

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