CHW Toolkit

Reimbursement Strategies for Employers of Community Health Workers

This Toolkit is designed to inform organizations on how to use existing tools or establish capacities to bill for CHW/P interventions within the current health care marketplace. It is structured to appeal to a broad audience — those who have experience in health care reimbursement and those without deep knowledge of health care reimbursement. There are chapters ranging from basic education on how health care is structured and reimbursed for in the United States to specific tools that can be used to bill for CHW/P services. Each chapter can be easily accessed depending on your CHW/P organization’s knowledge and experience with health care reimbursement. 

Erika Saleski, ES Advisors LLC, and Tim McNeill, Freedmen’s Health, authored the toolkit for the Collaborative. The CHW Collaborative’s work is supported by grants from the Health Forward Foundation and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Reimbursement Strategies for Employers of Community Health Workers - A Toolkit

 Toolkit Appendix C documents

These documents, described in Appendix C of the CHW Toolkit, detail full service descriptions, regulatory requirements associated with each service, and associated billing codes.