Election Security Workshop

iWerx | 1520 North Kansas City 1520 Clay Street North Kansas City, MO

Missouri election officials in the Kansas City metropolitan area (Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties), in conjunction with the Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee (RHSCC), are hosting an immersive three-hour workshop that emphasizes the importance of interagency cooperation between election officials, law enforcement, emergency management, public information officers, cybersecurity experts and emergency responders in effectively mitigating threats and ensuring a swift and coordinated response to election-related incidents. Confronted with simulated real-world situations, participants will gain practical experience in applying their knowledge and skills to address specific threats and disruptions.

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Key concepts include

  • Five Steps to Safer Elections: Developed by the Committee for Safe and Secure Elections, these steps offer a roadmap to enhance protocols and address vulnerabilities.
  • Idenification of gaps and development of actionable mitigation strategies: Attendees will gain a deep understanding of critical election processes and potential weak spots. 
  • Policy support: This section will cover best practices in protecting election workers and voters from violence, threats and intimidation. 
  • Collaboration and response: Participants will learn effective strategies to foster seamless communication and coordinated actions among election officials, law enforcement and other key partners.

Event location

Focus Area: Safety & Security