GTI Catalog

Expand your skills and explore new ones with courses from MARC's Government Training Institute. Find the course that fits your needs based on topic.

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Customer Service

Discover proven methods for providing outstanding customer service to the public, community partners and internal stakeholders through GTI's customer service courses.

Customer service representative smiling

Unbeatable Customer Service

Excellent customer service is what sets one organization apart from another...

Customer service representative with headset

Preventing and Fixing Customer Service Mistakes

Mistakes happen in every organization, but how the organization recovers from the mistake is the difference between sinking and swimming...

Customer service team

Great Teamwork and Internal Customer Service

External customer service breakdowns are frequently caused by internal customer service breakdowns...

A person at a desk talking on a head set and looking frustrated

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Learn proven techniques to handle tension effectively, help calm your customer and problem-solve acceptable solutions...

Business group having a discussion

Resolving Conflict in Customer Service

Use conflict constructively to help your organization move ahead, improve processes and simplify systems...

Woman viewing a digital calendar

Time Management

Learn how to make the most of the time available.

Stressed woman at a computer

Stress Survival Skills

Learn some great tips on surviving in this stressful world.

Build diverse teams and workplaces

Diversity, equity and inclusion courses

GTI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) series increases awareness of fundamental diversity, equity and inclusion concepts, terminology, and application and develops strategies that support on-going learning and cultivation of inclusive workplace environments.

Professional Development

In today’s workplace, local officials must be skilled and confident leaders, but also innovators, researchers, and technology troubleshooters. GTI’s Professional Development courses help participants develop the skills required to succeed in local government. 

A woman standing in an office near a laptop

Planning Commissioner Essentials

Planning Commissioner Essentials is a virtual, self-paced course offered through GTI. This course will give you a foundation of knowledge to help you be successful in evaluating zoning and development decisions for your community.  

Team of professionals having a meeting

Personal Strengths and Leadership Styles

Increase awareness of how you work with others, what motivates you, and what kinds of working relationships you find satisfying...

A person writing on a note in a project planning notebook

Project Management

Develop project management techniques to help bring your projects to successful completion on time and within budget.

Two women looking at computer screen

Coaching for Improved Performace

Learn how to develop a “coaching mindset” and basic coaching skills to help others grow in their careers and meet the challenges of effective public service.

Two business women standing and smiling

From Buddy to Boss

The transition from employee to supervisor is a delicate and complex one. Learn how to lead your peers and navigate the change in relationships between you and your peers. 

A group working together and looking frustrated

Managing Conflict

Learn and practice a step-by-step model of dealing with conflict to achieve a positive outcome for everyone involved.

A woman and a man working together

Emotional Intelligence: Awareness and Action

Leaders need to be able to utilize both thinking skills and emotional intelligence to maximize individual productivity and the productivity of their teams.

Woman in an office meeting raising her hand

Bring Out the Leader Within

Unleash the leader within and use your "influence power" to work with others to meet your goals and objectives collaboratively.

Data skills to elevate your career

Regional Data Academy

The Regional Data Academy certificate program helps public sector employees learn how to use data to better inform decision-making, improve processes and deliver public services efficiently. This program can benefit front-line employees, management and program analysts, directors, and administrators - anyone looking to increase their capacity to support informed, data-driven decision-making. 

Technical Skills

From basic concepts to advanced skills, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud courses through LANTEC show you how to use these powerful applications to their fullest potential.

Person working at a computer with spreadsheets on the screens

Microsoft Excel

Tackle everything from reports and charts to complex data analysis in Excel. 

Microsoft Word application in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Word

Enhance your communication skills by learning the top features of Word.

Microsoft PowerPoint displayed on a tablet screen

Microsoft PowerPoint

Develop the skills to make your presentations polished and professional every time with PowerPoint. 

Adobe Creative Cloud program icons on a computer desktop

Adobe Creative Cloud Courses

Unlock your design and creative potential by learning in-demand skills in Adobe programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or Acrobat DC. 

Public Works

Stay safe and informed with technical courses on hazards and occupational safety topics.

Hazardous Materials team at work

HAZWOPER Refresher

Recommended for those who have a potential for hazardous substance exposure while performing their normal work duties.

Bucket truck repairing traffic signal

Temporary Traffic Control

This course will introduce you to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the ATSSA flagging handbook.

Confined Space - Entry by Permit Only sign at workplace

Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

This course is designed for safety personnel, supervisors and those required to perform entry operations at work. 

Person in protective equipment handling chemicals

Chemical Safety

Learn to use chemicals correctly and how to address a spill involving that chemical.

Latex gloves and protective masks

Bloodborne Pathogens

This course is designed to meet OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogens training and discusses pathogen recognition, safety procedures and proper handling and disposal.

Safety and Security

Active Shooter Training Exercise

Active Shooter Response

If the unthinkable does happen, and your organization finds itself involved in an active-shooter incident, having a plan in place is a key element in reducing risk and harm.

Group of police officers saluting

Walking the Narrow Road of Leadership: Leadership Principles for Law Enforcement Personnel

The law enforcement profession continues to face significant challenges in its operational and organizational roles. This course shares methods to become an effective leader and deliver leadership excellence.