Shared Services

Shared services help local governments develop cooperative approaches.

MARC has a long history of working with local governments to develop cooperative approaches and shared solutions. Through MARC, local governments collaborate in a number of programs and systems that help them deliver public services and perform administrative functions more efficiently and effectively.

Available services

These shared services foster collaboration and reduce redundancies. 

Woman holding a paycheck

Salary Survey

The annual Salary Survey helps local governments attract and retain qualified employees by ensuring pay plans are compared to market and updated.

Downtown Harrisonville, Mo.

Small Cities Program

The Small Cities program provides administrative, planning and informational resources to smaller local governments in our region.

Computer routers with cables

Information Technology

Shared information technology services are available for local governments, including networking, email, help desk, data storage, software and hardware support and more.

Building plans, hardhat and hammer

Planning and Development Services

MARC's planning and development partnership with IBTS can help communities more easily meet the needs of residents while increasing capacities and reducing costs.