Performance Measures

As part of a performance-based planning process, metropolitan planning organizations like MARC and state departments of transportation are required to establish targets for and monitor progress related to the following national performance goals:

  • Safety
  • Infrastructure condition
  • Congestion reduction
  • System reliability
  • Freight movement and economic vitality
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Reduced project delivery delay

This is part of a coordinated effort across transportation planning to make data-driven and data-informed decisions when programming funds. As the MPO for the region, MARC is responsible for ensuring the responsible use of federal funds that enables progress on these measures.

Measures in Connected KC 2050

As established in the financial portion of Connected KC 2050, the region’s long-range transportation plan, the region has limited financial resources compared to a large list of projects needed for system maintenance and improvements. 

Based on goals in Connected KC 2050 — access to opportunity, public health and safety, healthy environment, transportation choices and economic vitality — MARC tracks performance measures that measure our progress toward achieving these goals.

Annual Transportation Performance Measures Report

The annual performance measures report looks at a subset of measures using updated data to inform our planning decisions, especially how we choose to spend federal funding coming to our region.

Transit Accessibility Report

This transit accessibility measure will monitor transit access to people and jobs throughout the region. MARC intends to monitor this measure annually and collaborate with regional partners to grow transit accessibility.

Other Documents

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