SWMD Grant Program

The MARC Solid Waste Management District provides financial support in the form of  annual and small project grants. 

The program provides grant funds for implementing waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting projects. The primary goal of projects is to increase waste diversion within the district. Projects must be located within Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties in Missouri.

Grant Details

Who is eligible?

Any municipality, county, public institution, nonprofit organization, private business or individual currently operating in the district is eligible to apply. The district represents Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, and Ray counties and all cities therein.

What type of projects are eligible?

Funds can be used for various programs including education, waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, collection and processing, research and development and market development for products made with diverted materials. 

Selection and funding

What is the selection process?

Applications are evaluated using criteria set forth in Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) regulations and are reviewed by a committee of five to eight volunteers, representing a variety of professional backgrounds. Recommendations for funding are presented to the district’s executive board and are submitted to the state for final approval.

What is the funding source?

The district receives funding for its grant program through the Missouri Solid Waste Management Fund. A $2.11 fee is collected on each ton of solid waste disposed in Missouri landfills or transferred to out-of-state facilities. These funds support solid waste management and diversion programs coordinated by the state’s 20 solid waste districts, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and EIERA Missouri Market Development Program.

Grantees and Projects

Current Grant Recipients (2022)

Entity Project Description Amount
KC Dumpster C & D Recycling Equipment Funds will support the purchase of a sorting system for a construction and demolition materials recycling facility.  $500,000
Missouri Recycling Association (MORA MORA Operations and Conference Salary for executive director and expenses toward the 2022 MORA conference to take place in Kansas City. $69,692
Elm Dirt Worm Farm Equipment Funds to purchase equipment and support a salaried position for  a private worm farm. $49,900
KC Library KC Library Recyclable Materials Baler Funding for the purchase and installation of a baler for materials generated at the KC Public Library. $42,00
KC Can Compost Business Growth Manager Funds will support the position of a business growth manager. $40,691
Sleepyhead Beds Digital Marketing and Earned Media Campaign Funds for a digital marketing campaign for mattress reuse.  $31,500
Total Approved Open Call Grant Projects $733,783

2021 Grant Recipients





Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) Turning Waste Paint into an Economic Driver PSI will work with district staff and the MO Product Stewardship Council on paint and pharmaceutical waste diversion. $49,992
R. Alexander Associates Educating KC Regional Specifiers R. Alexander Associates will provide technical assistance to encourage use of compost for engineering and landscape work. $39,485
KC Can Compost Diversion Management and Optimization KC Can Compost will hire a manager to facilitate the organization's growing business. Funds also support the purchase of a satellite unit to accommodate food waste collection. $89,192
Sleepyhead Beds Community Program Manager Sleepyhead Beds will hire a community manager with the goal of establishing partnerships with local governments and retailers for the collection of mattresses for reuse. $31,500
Missouri Recycling Association (MORA) MORA Administrative Support Funds will support the executive director of MORA, the state-wide recycling non-profit. The is an exceptional request resulting from the cancellation of the organization's conference due to COVID-19. $60,000
City of Kansas City, MO Green Procurement Kansas City will consult with a professional to train city staff on green procurement. $44,000
Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) KCAI Target Zero:  Zero Waste Management Project KCAI will hire a coordinator to implement reuse, recycling and composting projects campus wide. $34,600
Bridging The Gap (BTG) Business Recycling Program BTG will provide consulting services to at least 15 businesses for the start up of recycling and composting programs. $73,019
Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) Forklift Procurement MRC will purchase a forklift to add efficiencies to their electronic recycling operations. $30,622
Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) RecycleSpot.org Upgrade To upgrade RecycleSpot.org, the regional website for waste reduction and recycling information. $45,000
Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) Stimulating Demand for Recycled Paint Conduct a paint demonstration program in four cities to build markets for recycled paint. $26,377
Rick Caplan INVESTT - Environmental Education Continued implementation of a financial literacy course for youth focusing on reuse. $15,120
Rick Caplan Environmental News Channel Develop an environmental news channel to be broadcast to area high schools $9,300
Ripple Glass Drop-Off Bin Addition Purchase additional 35-yard containers with artfully designed wraps. $108,250
Urban Lumber Company Kiln Body Upgrade To upgrade a kiln body for the purposes of drying lumber from urban trees. $21,324
Total Approved Open Call Grant Projects $677,781


2020 Grant Recipients
Entity Project Description Amount
Robert Williams Waste Diversion Education and Implementation Funds are requested for the purchase of a used truck, truck wrap and metal bins for the collection of recyclable materials. Target audience is factories and industrial businesses. $49,000
Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) Box Truck for Optimization of Services Funds are requested for the purchase of a truck and truck wrap for the purpose of collecting electronic waste for recycling. $39,580
Rick Caplan INVESTT - Environmental Education Funds are requested to support a financial literacy course focusing on reuse. Four local high schools have already committed to participate. $10,013
Kansas City Public School District Waste Reduction & Reuse in Lincoln Cafeterias Funds are requested to purchase durable food trays to replace the styrofoam trays currently being used at Lincoln Middle and High School. $10,106
Bridging The Gap Business Recycling Program Funds are requested to pay for Bridging The Gap's consulting work on new recycling and composting programs at 15 businesses and multifamily properties. $86,352
Product Stewardship Institute Developing a Statewide Leftover Medicine Stewardship Strategy Funds are requested to hold a stakeholder summit on pharmaceuticals that would establish next steps toward a statewide pharmaceutical stewardship solution. $39,873
COAM COAM Workshop Funds are requested to hold a workshop in Kansas City on composting practices and markets. $5,000
Hispanic Economic Development Corp. Minimal-Waste Initiative Funds are requested to develop a waste reduction program at the offices of the Hispanic Economic Development Corp., including washer and dryer appliances and reusable kitchen and meeting items. $7,842
KC Can Compost Education and Marketing Campaign 2020 Funds are requested to support the salary of a marketing manager as well as graphic work and signage for the new composting service launched in 2019. $35,614
ScrapsKC Textile Waste Diversion Funds are requested to support the salary of a textiles manager and some tools to handle the increased textile material diverted for reuse. $35,253
Kanbe's Markets Food Waste Alliance Funds will support coordination of local food rescue and composting operations. $40,000
Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) Purchase of Shred Truck MRC will purchase a truck to transport a hard drive shredder for use at electronics recycling events. $22,476
City of Riverside Recycling Sculpture/ Education Educational program on plastics recycling with sculpture in public park. $7,500
City of Belton Community Recycling Survey The city will conduct a survey to help determine next steps for the city's recycling program. $14,480
Franciscan Mission Warehouse (FMW) Durable Medical Equipment Funds will be used to expand awareness at hospitals about FMW durable medical equipment donation program. $27,400
NE Chamber of Commerce Recycling Expansion Expansion of existing public recycling program along Independence Avenue. $10,923
Total Approved Open Call Grant Projects $441,412

Complete list of grants awarded since 1993