Health Care Coalition


The Mid-America Regional Council Health Care Coalition works to ensure patients receive the care they need during emergencies. Through the work of its committee members, the MARC HCC prepares and coordinates health and medical response to the threats and hazards facing the region. Its purpose is to decrease deaths, injuries and illnesses resulting from emergencies and promote health care system resilience. 

The MARC HCC allows regional health care providers the opportunity to coordinate with other providers, emergency management, public health and community partners in the nine-county bistate area to: 

  • Strengthen relationships, learn from one another and share best practices.  
  • Increase emergency preparedness by identifying ways to share resources.  
  • Enhance planning and exercise capacity within organizations. 
  • Work together to enhance overall community preparedness. 


MARC HCC representatives include long-established metropolitan emergency services committees — including the Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee (RHSCC), Hospital Committee and Public Health subcommittee, Mid-America Regional Council Emergency Rescue (MARCER) Committee and the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee (MEMC) — together with the Missouri Northern and Southern Health Care Committees and the Kansas Health Care Coalition. 

The MARC HCC’s geographic area spans 16 counties in Missouri and Kansas divided into four sub-regions.