Personal Strengths and Leadership Styles

MARC Training Center, 600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, Mo. 64105

This course is part of the Leadership series from the Government Training Institute (GTI)

Have you ever wondered why you have difficulty working with a particular individual? Do you chalk it up to personality differences and just try to get along? There is another way. This session uses the self-assessment instrument, “The Strength Deployment Inventory,” to help you discover and re-confirm the strengths you use when things are going well and to realize how they change under conflict situations.

You will also learn a conceptual framework to help you “figure out” another person and what their strengths might be. This increased understanding of what motivates people to act as they do will lead to more effective strategies in working with them.

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    Learning Objectives

    • Appreciate your strengths and how you use them
    • Appreciate the strengths of others and how they use them
    • Increase awareness of how you work with others, what motivates you, and what kinds of working relationships you find satisfying
    • Develop strategies on how your strengths can be used with others’ strengths to build effective teams
    • Leave with an increased understanding of the strengths you have and how best to use them.


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    Topics: Leadership

    Focus Area: Local Government