Updates and outcomes from MARC's August Board meetings

Sep 05, 2023
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August 2023 MARC Board Meeting

At the MARC Budget and Personnel Committee meeting on Aug. 22, attendees took the following actions:

  • Head Start support services: Committee members supported Head Start children and families by voting to approve $499,477 in contracts for Head Start and Early Head Start services. The contracted support services benefit 846 children and include education coaching, mental health, early intervention and translation resources. 
  • Planning Sustainable Places: The committee approved three new Planning Sustainable Places projects in De Soto, Mission and Overland Park. The funding will go toward conducting studies that focus on improving corridors, creating bike and trail connections, and encouraging economic growth.
  • Community center renovation: Committee members approved using federal funding of  $800,000 to renovate a community center that serves older adults in Kansas City, Missouri. Guadalupe Center, which runs the center, has received a commitment of $200,000 to contribute to the project. Services provided at the center include health screenings, social activities and meals for older adults.
  • Amendment to grant services agreement: Since entering into an agreement with Assel Grant Services nearly two years ago, the grant writing firm has aided MARC in receiving millions of dollars of grant funding. The committee approved an amendment to allow MARC member cities and counties to participate in the agreement, supporting their efforts to pursue grant funds for regional and local initiatives.