Food Waste

A person empties food scraps into a kitchen compost bin

Food loss and waste has an enormous negative impact on our community, economy and the environment. Experts say 40% of food in the United States goes to waste, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, takes up landfill space and costs each household an estimated $1,866 per year.

Food Loss and Waste Action Plan

The new Food Loss and Waste Action Plan provides a comprehensive set of solutions designed to reduce the amount of food wasted and sent to landfills in the Kansas City region

Take a bite out of food waste

Kansas City Food Wise

Kansas City Food Wise is a regional effort to reduce food waste, increase access to healthy food and build a sustainable food system that benefits us, our community and our planet. The project website provides multiple waste reduction strategies and resources including simple steps individuals can take to reduce food waste, and a food system map designed to build and strengthen connections within our regional food system.