Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Framework

MARC leads a regional effort to examine autonomous and connected (AV) vehicle issues and create a policy framework that will help the region position itself to maximize opportunities and minimize the negative impacts of these new and potentially disruptive transportation technologies.

MARC formed an AV Task Force and convened a broad group of stakeholders, including seven work groups that each focused on a key policy area and identified priorities for moving forward:

  • Travel demand management and system performance.
  • Infrastructure, planning and investment.
  • Data management.
  • Environment and land use.
  • Equitable access and mobility services.
  • Economic and workforce opportunity.
  • Certification, liability and insurance.

As the work groups completed their discussions, common themes emerged. These overarching themes — each identified by two or more working groups — are recommended for initial action:

  • Identify ongoing opportunities to provide AV information, education and training to a wide range of stakeholders in the region.
  • Research, develop and build regional consensus on land-use policies related to AV implementation.
  • Develop pricing strategies to address shifts in revenue sources.
  • Develop agreements for sharing and storing data.
  • Ensure equitable access to the opportunities provided by AV technology.