Commuters walking to a vehicle for carpooling

Discover a better way to get to work

WAY TO GO is a publicly funded program that provides commuter resources to individuals and employers in the Kansas City region. Whether you’re looking for a carpool match to work or a safe bike route to the grocery store, WAY TO GO is here to help. 

WAY TO GO started as the Regional Rideshare Program in 1980 to help commuters in the Kansas City area find carpool matches. In 2014 Rideshare became RideshareKC. In 2023, the program became WAY TO GO to better align with commuter transportation needs in the region

WAY TO GO is a publicly funded program and serves five counties in Missouri and four counties in Kansas and is part of the State Implementation Plan to improve air quality in Kansas and Missouri.


WAY TO GO provides a free carpool matching service, information and links to regional transportation options, and facilitates the annual Green Commute Challenge, a workplace-based competition to encourage commuters to try alternative transportation modes.

The employer outreach program advises employers of alternative commute options for their employees, coordinates on-site events, and provides digital and printed materials and other engagement strategies.

Guaranteed ride home

The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a free taxi ride home in case of emergency for registered carpoolers, vanpoolers, some transit riders and bicyclists.