Climate Action Plan

The Kansas City Regional Climate Action Plan (CAP) aims to transform the metropolitan area into a more resilient, equitable and healthy community. This plan creates a voluntary framework to guide and align local action in ways that make a difference for the entire Kansas City region. The comprehensive set of strategies found in the plan can be tailored to meet local community needs and priorities.

It includes an ambitious set of interrelated strategies to mitigate climate change by achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and adapt to and bounce forward from the many risks climate change poses. Linkages among plan strategies are abundant and intentional.

The resilience-focused investment will catalyze long-term prosperity and health. Interim net zero goals focus on local government operations (by 2030), energy generation (by 2035), and homes and buildings (by 2040).

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How to read this plan

As a voluntary framework, the plan is designed to help leaders, businesses, organizations and residents identify and implement strategies that make sense for their communities.

The plan was developed for use in the 10-county metropolitan region but does not imply that communities within the area have endorsed or approved the plan. To date, 19 communities in the region – representing 83% of the metropolitan population – have taken supporting actions regarding the plan. 

The full Climate Action Plan and nine focus areas are laid out on a dedicated website for reference and sharing. The website also provides the latest news and updates on the plan in action around the region.