Government Innovations Forum


The Government Innovations Forum formed in 1997 to manage communications between managers and jurisdictions and help implement Managers Roundtable ideas and initiatives. Fifty-six cities and counties in the region support the forum which provides staff support to the Managers Roundtable, the First Suburbs Coalition and related initiatives. The forum also connects members with a variety of regional research and decision-making tools through MARC's Local Government Services program.

The Government Innovation Forum also helps regional city and county managers to set priorities through the Managers Roundtable, ongoing dialogue or, periodically, a priority setting session focused on emerging issues or trends. Priorities fall into three general categories: manager support, cooperative initiatives, and building regional capacity.

The Forum also manages a listserv and produces a monthly newsletter, Management Matters, for managers, assistants, staff and other interested parties. 

Management Matters Newsletter

The MARC Government Innovations forum creates a monthly newsletter for city and county managers in our region.