911 Training

MARC's Regional Public Safety Communications program offers training and continuing education courses for public safety personnel throughout the year, plus additional training opportunities through partnerships.

Training Tracks

The 911 Training Program offers five training tracks focusing on wellness, police, fire/EMS, general public safety and leadership skills. Part of our new TalentLMS online learning management system, these courses will provide tools and strategies to help 911 professionals better understand their role and responsibilities as call takers and dispatchers. Our customized courses are taught by subject matter experts found inside the MARC region, who frequently teach at conferences all over the United States

Wellness Track

Helping 911 professionals better understand the underlying cause of chronic/traumatic stress, lower stress levels, prevent burnout, gain confidence and maintain a healthy balance between work and home life. 

Police Track

911 calltakers must continually improve their skills and keep current with evolving trends in law enforcement. This track provides the training necessary to improve service to the caller and increase the safety of responders.

Fire/EMS Track

This track improves the skills, knowledge and abilities of dispatchers responding to fire and EMS incidents, including fire and EMS dispatching concepts and tools to make essential decisions more quickly.

General Track

This track is ideal for training new 911 calltakers or as a refresher for experienced telecommunicators. These courses cover the basic skills, knowledge and abilities every successful 911 professional needs to meet the demands of this critical work. 


This track provides training, tools and strategies to help 911 supervisors and managers better understand their role and responsibilities as leaders in the communications center and the skills needed to successfully lead and motivate their team.

Training Opportunities through

Government Training Institute

911 Regional Members have free access to select courses from MARC's Government Training Institute that focus on executive management, workforce development, supervision, customer service and computer skills.  All certificate program registrations will be reviewed by MARC 911 training staff and your PSAP supervisor for approval.

Virtual Academy

MARC's 911 regional membership includes an online training platform from Virtual Academy featuring over 50 hours of 9-1-1 training. These courses are taught by industry leaders and subject matter experts from all over the world. Membership also includes Virtual Roundtable and Headset Hot Topic discussions.

Contact the 911 Training Team

For more information about these training programs, please call 816-701-8330 or complete a contact form.