Public Safety Communications Outreach


The Mid-America Regional Council conducts several outreach efforts related to the regional 911 system. 

Telecommunicators Appreciation Celebration and Outstanding Performance Awards

Telecommunicators receiving awards during the annual TAC celebration

MARC's Regional Public Safety Communications Program hosts the annual Telecommunicators Appreciation Celebration and Outstanding Performance Awards (OPA) to honor the important role telecommunicators and 911 calltakers play in keeping our communities safe. The event takes place during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week each April. 

Learn about the 2024 OPA recipients

Programs for schools

Cell Phone Sally mascot

A child who knows how and when to dial 911, and who is prepared to answer a calltaker’s questions, can save precious moments in an emergency situation.

911 educational materials for children ages 5–8, including an instructional DVD featuring Cell Phone Sally, are available free of charge to elementary school teachers throughout MARC's ten-county region. Public safety communications personnel and volunteers may be available to conduct 911 school programs for your class.

911 Hero Award

911 Hero Award recipient

The Kansas City Regional 911 Heroes Award program recognizes and rewards youth who demonstrate knowledge of the proper use of 911 by performing some heroic action during the course of the emergency/call. 911 Heroes must meet the following criteria:

  • The 911 call must be initiated by the youth.
  • The youth must have performed some heroic action in the course of the emergency that contributed to:
    • Saving a life
    • Significantly reducing property loss
    • Apprehending a criminal and/or stopping a crime
  • The program recognizes youth age 16 or younger; however, exceptions may be considered under special circumstances.
  • The agency personnel submitting the nomination should complete the hero nomination form, including a brief summary of the incident. If possible, a recording of the 911 call should accompany the hero nomination form.